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updated as of 05/23/99
i created this section on my own. i wrote all of the following information by myself unless otherwise marked. at least tell me if you steal from it. thanks.
korn on kosovo benefit album
korn will aparantly release butch vig's remix of the infamous freak on a leash for a beneft album to raise money for the refugees of the crisis in yugoslavia.

korn street?
the people of bakersfield, california had thought of dedicating a street name to korn but have now decide not to.

rock is dead tour cancelled
due to numbness in david's arms, korn has cancelled the final two dates of the rock is dead tour with rob zombie and videodrone. these shows were the april 24th show in st. louis and the april 26th show in indiana.

family values an instant chart topper
the us charts confirmed that the family values cd entered in at number 7.

korn rumoured for woodstock '99
korn and limp bizkit have been rumored to be two of the many headlining acts at the upcoming woodstock '99 festival. it will be held in rome, ny from july 23rd to 25th.

limp bizkit to headline family values '99
limp bizkit appear to be joining the family again as they will be headlining the '99 go-around. korn will not be appearing however.

korn fans outraged at greensboro show
several fans at the rock is dead show in greensboro, nc were told they were not allowed to return into the collesium after leaving to use the bathrooms. one fan said "it was one of the greatest shows i have ever seen, that was until the coliseum staff kicked me out becuase i had to use the bathroom. i left my seat and my friends with about 20 minutes left in the show. when i tried to get back to my seat the coliseum staff had the section entrances roped off and were not letting people back to their seats. the staff told me to wait in the lobby until the show was over, and find my friends then. i was outraged! in the lobby, i and about eight other fans were demanding a refund. we were only talked down to by the staff. the staff explained to us that we saw most of the show, 'we got what we payed for' ".

freak on a leash remixed
korn's current single, freak on a leash, has been remixed and released by butch vig from garbage.

davis to appear on new limp bizkit release
jonathan will be on the upcoming limp bizkit album, "significant other", doing guest vocals on an unknown track.

rock is dead last tour for korn in '99
korn has said that after the rock is dead tour, they will be hitting the studios again to record their next album.

new korn music video
rumors say that korn will be shooting a video for 'it's on' in march on the rock is dead tour. sources also say that fred durst will be directing the video.

police and korn fans collide in albuquerque
(from a newspaper article)

after a long wait, unruly crowds clash with police, resulting in 42 injuries

what should have been a standard rock show turned ugly when technical problems forced a late start of the korn/rob zombie show at tingley coliseum in albuquerque, new mexico. according to the albuquerque journal, fans started to get rowdy when a truck carrying equipment for korn broke down, forcing an hour delay getting into the venue. many fans, who had been waiting for hours, rushed security check points, shouted at guards and knocked over metal security barriers. all told, over 100 people were ejected from the property, three police officers were injured and 39 fans were treated for injuries, some serious. amazingly, there were no arrests. security for the soldout show was greater than normal, but no one expected the delays that caused most of the problems. once fans were allowed inside the venue, the situation quickly diffused, although rowdy behavior did continue well into the show. at the end of the concert, police swept the main street in front of the venue using horses and german shepherds.

ironically, the mayor of albuquerque, jim baca, was on hand for some of the drama, since his daughter was in attendance at the concert. he heard about the scuffle on a police scanner and drove to the fairgrounds to investigate. baca publicly criticized event organizers for not having adequate security and for serving alcohol at a show with many in attendance under 21. in an effort to voice his concern, baca called the governor of new mexico, gary johnson, who was all ears since his son was also at the show.

tom tinnin, the state fair commission chairman, in charge of the venue, later claimed that the situation was under control. ''we probably need to look and see what the demographics are of these kind of concerts,'' tinnin said. ''and if it's mostly teen-agers, we might consider not serving alcohol.''

korn join ice cube at video shoot for fuck dying
korn has joined ice cube for his video shoot for 'fuck dying'. munky and head play guitars on the song while fieldy provides bass.

a possible fourth korn album
sources say that a possible fourth album from korn is due out in october or november of '99.

jonathan does guest vocals for videodrone
jonathan sings guest vocals on "ty jonathan down" on videodrone's self-titled debut album

solo project by jonathan due out in june
jonathan davis' solo project with amir derakh from orgy is due out in july. davis says "it's going to be totally different from korn. it's really really cool".

jonathan to appear on apocolypse's new album
it has been rumored that jon provides guest vocals on apocalypse's new album. other guests on the song include rob zombie, chino moreno from the deftones, and fred durst.

korn on mtv movie awards
it has been rumored that korn will be at this years video music awards.

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