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there are currently 182 links in this section.
VISIT the genozone

the official korn site - the direct connection to the band.
korn tv! - the world famous korn tv! re- runs from korn's after school specials internet tv shows which aired during the recording of "follow the leader". lots of special guests and crazy footgage!
korndirect - korn's official online store
-korn showcase - artist feature including photo, bio, album info, real audio samples, and bulletin board
4korn - if it's korn i've got it pics , midi , links , lyrics and much more.
all music guide profile - amg represents the combined effort of over two hundred experienced music writers to point out the most important artists and their finest music.
a korn site - everything korn, midi, lyrics, realaudios, webrings, info, and more, constantly updated
a absolute site of korn - including pictures, tickets, biography, articles, links, search and more! enter now! this is the place for you! enter now! it's new! it's cool! and it got all the artists you like the most!
a field of korn - this site has everything you want about korn, individual pictures and group pictures, sound files, and bios and chat.
a kernel on korn -
a korn kingdom - kick ass korn audio files, pics, and tabs. plus, the very popular korn kingdom game
a korn page from the queen - hey there come check out another great page from the queen. i have a huge pictures section and much more is on the way. so what are ya waiting for?? come check it out.
a welcome to the dark side... of korn!! - welcome to the dark side... of korn! includes pics, discography, webrings, lyrics, updated concert info, mailing lists and more! constantly updated! click here for anything you'll ever need to know about korn!
a wicked korn page - this place has got all the songs from all of the albums, correct lyrics for every song, and drum, bass and guitar tabs for almost every song.
a.d.i.d.a.k. - la primera página monográfica sobre korn en español, y la mejor sin duda, con biografía de la banda, fotos, noticias, entrevistas, letras, y mas.
absolute music - korn - including pictures, tickets, biography, articles, links, search and more! enter now! this is the place for you! enter now! it's new! it's cool! and it got all the artists you like the most! such as: rush, korn, n sync, alanis, bjork, madonna, shania twain, radiohead, cranberries and more! over 70 cool bands!
accadental overdose - a killer korn, deftones, limp bizkit, 311, and underground bands site. includes, daily news, audio, vidio, pics, tabs, band info & history, member bios, links and tons of other killer stuff!
adidas. - this site has everything!!!! audio, tabs, lyrics, pics, bio's, equipment, links, etc.
ain't life peachy? - i've just updated. i now have full tabulature from both albums, new pictures, and korn voting. also have lyrics, equipment and more. plus join my k@#0%! webring. life is so peachy!!!!
all day i dream about . . . - featuring korn music, lyrics, pictures, a short biography and other things related to korn.
all in the family - say what? say what? this site has pictures, audio clips, info, links, and more. also you can join the all_in_the_family_ mailing list.
an artist feature for korn at rock n world. - visit the korn territory of rock n world. our artist features include bios, discographies, real audio, links, message boards and artist info.
are you ready - it has audio, video, guitar, bass, and drum tabs. i have a couple sections on bands like limp bizkit and the deftones, but mainly korn. bios, tour dates, just go here, i have a lot.
b.o.d.y. b.a.g.s. - korn is body bags dreaming about sex...
b@d@$$ korn site - a phat korn, limp bizkit, deftones, 311 site with newz(updated daily), pics, audio, video, tabs, downloads, links, band histories, member bios, and more!
ball tongue: the korn page - a small korn web site with pics, sounds, etc. not quite completed as of october 10, 1998 but will be working on it.
ben's korn page - a korn page with audio, news, chat room, message board, movies, lyrics, discography, tour dates, pictures and more!
better eat your korn - who then now? this site has it all. i have audio, video, lyrics, pics, mp3's, a bio, the latest news, tour dates, tabs on everything, links to other korn pages, meanings to those songs that confuse you, and tons of other korn stuff that i know you will love!!!
bluds korny korn paigie - this is blud's korn page, got a few linx lyrics and pikks. will grow with age.
bob dole's korn site - a kool korn site with band history, member bios, lyrics, links, interviews, a quiz, song meanings, video meanings, news, over 350 pics, korn ads, merchandise, tabs, tour dates, equipment, mp3z, sounds, movies, downloads, logos, pre korn, guitar lesson, faqs, discography, korn wear, korn gear, korn crew, korn art, tatoos, awards, webrings, a korn poll, a guestbook, a mailing list, and tons more korny krap!
chris's korn page - this site has lots of korn stuff, bios, cd reviews, a links section. more stuff to come!
christine's korn page - korn is my fave band and they totally kick ass. so i put together a page about them.

coalburn's ass kickin' korn page - this is the complete korn site. it includes videos, boigraphy, midis, bass and guitar tabs, news, etc.
come on...it's on! - pics, bio, sounds, lyrics and everything else you could want for korn...
daboom dada eem danda eema - a new metal page...with the latest news, and surveys for all your favorite bands...stop wasting your time with boring, repetitive sites....go here now!!
david silveria - "i've never seen a better page based on the man himself, me, myself, & i... it's the shit compared to all those other crap pages people try to put out"-david silveria
davidizgod-a david silveria site - this is my purdy david silveria page. you can get links, pics, read his bio, post on the message board, check out some drum tabs or see if there is any news about the yummy drummer.
ded'z freak zone - i got lotza stuff, just little bitz and piecez of the band, lyrics, individual bio'z, group bio'z, cd-ography, some song/video meaningz, etc. etc. everyone readin this, vizit my site, ull like it, and sign the guestbook! (pleze)
derek's korn korner - this site features a free email service where you can get email addy that looks like this: user@thekornkorner.zzn.com also features a trade section, a message board, an award to win, and just kool korn stuff!
dustin's korn site - a great page with the all new korn banner exchange, and great korn chat, lyrics, cool java apps, messageboard, weekly mailing list (very reliable), and very easy to navigate.
earbleeds den - korn, korn, korn, and more korn, lots of korn tabs, pictures, all lyrics, bios, history, and audio & video to come!!!! so check it out!!
eric's korn page - band info, sounds, guestbook, webring & links
feed your children korn... - another korn site...pictures, bios, message board, the sexiest kornster poll, surveys, full realaudio on all songs, some live ones, mp3's coming soon, tour dates, correct lyrics, song meanings from jon himself, other links, discography, articles, quotes, funny facts, and tons more...come see how obsessed i am...
follow tha leader - follow the korn: bios, pics, multimedia, tour dates, lyrics, tabs, banner xchange, fan art, poll, chat, klub, messageboard, links-rings, buy korn cd's, e-mail, e-list, & free korn email address!
follow the leader into the korn klub - my page has tons of pictures,full lyrics,album info,band info,and every week i either add pages, or i update pages. only korn.

follow the leader: a dutch korn site - news, pictures, multimedia, press releases, lyrics, tablatures, song meanings, links, bootlegs, a biography, a discography, and more...
follow your leader feed your mind korn - korn site with pictures lyrics sounds videos and all tha korn goodies!
freak show's last cry out !!! & korn - korn rule. this is my simple, small homepage on korn. i have pics, mp3's, icons, lryics and song meanings. and remember korn rule
freakfactory's korn page - korn bio, discography, lyrics, tour dates, tabs, reivews, links.
freaks on a leash - its a site dedicated to a great band, korn!
freakz on leashes korn page - this korn site is where you can find everything on korn!! we have great korn stuff such as: video, audio, tabs, bio, lyrics, and everything!! and more to come! so if you're looking for a great korn site, look no further!
got the life - mp3, real audio, midi, lyrics, pics, and more.
h kon`s korn place !! - this is my (small but cool) korn site, with pics, album info & linx..
hard korn - hard-korn. one of the best korn sites on the web. all the resources (tabs,lyrics,pics,sounds,info). cool interface.
hard to find korn cdz - hard to find korn albums n imports for sale
hardcore metal page - pictures, lyrics, links, biography, on: korn madball offspring fear factory machine head pro-pain silverchair slayer...
hip online: korn - biography, reviews, links, and more.
home for kornz kidz - kornz kidz has lyriks, piktures, bio of the band, song meanings, soon to kome: sounds, a little fan klub kalled "kornz kidz", a mailing list and fave links. kome to the home for kornz kidz.
house of hard_core - once your done looking at my korn page go back and check out my deftones, sevendust, limp bizkit, (hed)pe and coal chamber page.
i'm going blind!!! - i got the children of the korn mailing list *coming soon* and lots of audio, i try to update often.
in the middle of the kob - this fun filled korn site is one of the best site on the web.
it's on!! - chris' korn page. - get all the latest korn info from australia and around the world. frequently updated site with clean design and exclusive material to avoid repitition.
jared's totally wasted korn page - everything you will ever need to know about korn. webrings,lyrics,thousands of pics, links, full songs, and other crap.
jason's korn page - this site has all of the songs from the album follow the leader in real audio format....pictures coming soon
jaymeegz's korn korner - incoming pix, lyrics, tour dates, and lots more! it's all about korn!!!!!!!!
jenzette's korn page - features pictures, lyrics, sounds, tabs, and more!
jim's korn page - has over 200 pics.updated weekly.lots of audio and mp3's.has lyrics and many other awesome korn links
johns korn - lyrics, meanings,site of the month,lots of pics,tons of dls,win my award, dicsography,tour dates,mailing list, more to come soon!
just head - devoted to korn guitarist, brian "head" welch, with korn news, pics and more.
justin's korn page - pics, audio, video, lyrics, and coming soon info. this page hasn't been up that long so i could use some updates and info, so if you have any of those please send them to me.
justin's korn site - kornchat, guestbook..(please sign). info about me and my love for korn, way to connect with me. e-mail me or im me
kameltosis - this site contains videos, sounds, lyrics, tabs, pictures, the latest news and a lot more....
kandy korn - a website about the best band in the world,korn! everything about korn kan be found at kandy korn.
karamel korn page - full real audio from all korn cds, midis, tabs, videos, screensavers, bios, discography, lyrics, facts, news, articles, tour dates, equip, contest, polls, shockwave movies, links & more...
kassie's korn korner - all about the best band in the world-korn- tabs, lyrics, downloads, chat, pics and heaps more! =)
kick the p.a. - discography, icq section, korn speaks, links, lyrics, members, pictures, sounds, tour dates, videography
kiddy's korn page - has pictures, reviews, lyrics, bio, links, multimeda (this site is still under construction)
kiwi twist's & dafreaker's korn - we gots, pics, tabs, lyrics, sounds, info on the artists..and lots lots more.
korn - jesse burke's korn page
korn 4 life - korn 4 life is updated a lot with exclusive pics and a huge section of regualr pics. the news is updated everytime the is a bit of news on korn. the is a sounds section and links to other sites. there is also a biography and lyrics.
korn 4 the soul - the feeling and emotion that korn delivers through their music has inspired many people to follow their dreams and look beyond the bad things in life.
korn 69 - korn69.net korn, incubus, and limp bizkit mp3 ftp site also other korn things
korn album reviews - album reviews of that crazy alterna-metal band, korn! areeeee youuuuuu readyyyyyy?
korn at the purple zone - a cool site on the hard rocking boys, featuring lyrics to all albums in the lyrics section, loads of pics in the picture gallery, plus a whole lot more on korn and a whole lot of other artists as well all presented in the most efficient and user friendly design. so drop in now !
korn bizkit with deftones on the side - here you'll find anything and everything about korn, limp bizkit and deftones...like tour info, discography, lyrics, news and rumors.
korn city - korn audio, video, chat room, mailing list, pictures, reviews, cds, links, lyrics, and lots lots more stuff on korn!!!
korn empire - has lyrics from follow the leader, life is peachy, korn (selftitled album)tour dates for family values, pictures (the latest), news
korn en chileno - todo lo que quieras saber de korn en chileno...
korn field, the - quality korn site with, pictures, lyrics (all albums), history, and zip archives. tab coming soon for korn, life is peachy and follow the leader.
korn for all - all about the band korn. pictures, lyrics, mp3, downloads, discography, biography and links... the page got all
korn haven - a sweet site with tons of picz and insight and also jam-packed with korn stuff to download like movies and soundz. also tons of links.
korn heaven - this site is dedicated to the artists i enjoy listening too, and one of those bands is korn!!! "freak on a leash" rocks and so does "got the life"!
korn iq test - visit and try your korn knowledge.... have fun!
korn is peachy. - has lyrics, pictures, downloads, and lots more! chekk it out!
korn journey - cool page with cool pics about korn's follow the leader, and links to other awesome bands-limp bizkit, deftones, coal chamber, and malaysia's greatest band butterfingers
korn kares - princess rayna and the korn fairy present to you a crescent fresh korn page! has/will soon have: pics, tour dates, lyrics...
korn kingz - it's on! tha first korn site to ever use shockwave! it's also got midi files, pics, news, and even a movie kredit like feature.
korn klan - this is my korn page. it has lots of stuff including: audio, tabs, lyrics, links, poll, and more. and don't forget even more to come! so check it out!!!
korn korner - korn site that features sound files, kontests, chat, elementree information, song lyrics, meanings, "artist in the spotlight" section, and much more!
korn messageboard - in the korn messageboard you can post anything you want related to korn..........................................................................
korn noise - this site has everything you could imagine about korn. it even has a bit of l.a.p.d. and sex art. check it out!
korn on wilkshire - this page was on bright.net i got a new server (wilkshire.net). i'm still getting pics and i have lyrics.
korn page - pics, audio, lyrics, and much more soon! this page will be awesome!it already is but...
korn page - korn info, including a discography, lyrics, tour info, and news, as well as links to other korn sites
korn page of the millenium kontest. - come in and sign up for what is going to be a big kontest to determine which korn page is going to be the biggest in '99!
korn pins - pins and many many korn links.
korn playground - tons of korn pics, info, lyrics , bios.,discography, webrings,and downright cool korn stuff!!
korn rules!!!!! - this site is kinda new, and is still under construction a little, but i got some real audio files already in and some pictures of the best band in the world....
korn stickers - we have stickers from many great bands such as, alanis morissette, grateful dead, biohazard, primus, red hot chilli peppers,oasis, afi, nirvana, rancid, tool, dave matthews, 311, sublime, radiohead, ratm, kmfdm, lots of ska stickers, and many more. we also carry a variety of boarding stickers too!
korn tabs - tons of korn guitar tabs from all their albums.
korn's twisted domain - huge korn site full of audio files, band info and alot more. (unlike most korn pages this one doesn't suck)

korn... john's site - nice page with good lyrics and various other stuff
korn15 - this is your korn mp3 resouce. if i don't have the korn mp3 you want up. just e-mail me and i'll have it up shortly.
kornboy's korn page - discography, links, news, pics, and more...
korndaddie's krib - my krib has a detailed biography, plenty of pictures, tour dates, and an extensive list of links. if you want to know more about korn, then this is where you should go...
kornfield - links, downloads, korn gear and equipment, biography a guitar lesson from the boys, lyrics,survey interviews...
kornfreak4's korn page - a kick a$$ site with pictures, sounds, discography, movies, links, etc.
kornkrib - we like to offer all korn fans as much as possible and soon our page will dominate over all others. i really suggest you check us out!
kornporn - this site has tabs, lyrics, updates, pics, news, multimedia and lots more coming.
korns family - this site is dedicated to korn and their family...limp bizkit...orgy...ice cube...rammstein.
kornville - kornville... where else can you get all the best pictures, the best linx, and a great all-around interface? easy to navigate interface and kewl java scripts make this a korn page to remember. always under construction...
kornweb.com - everything korn right here! audio, downloads, lyrics, tab, song meanings, interviews, articles, forums, polls, korn kommunity...
krash's korn/limp bizkit site - hey all you korn and limp bizkit fans. here's your chance to see a web page with both without having to go to two different pages.
kreamed korn palace. - your only stop for stuff on the band korn,pics,multimedia u name it we have it so check it out.
kreme korn - this is the #1 korn site, better than the official! it contains, pics, lyrics, sounds, movies, downloads, bio, chatroom, email, games, limp bizkit, guestbooks, desktop themes, screensavers, java, frames and much much more!
la telaraña de rafon (el web de korn) - la primera pagina en español del grupo mas cotizado del momento, ademas muchos links, fotos y demas.
launch: korn - get the latest news, concert info, album reviews, pictures, audio clips, links and more on korn. plus you can win free cd's and chat with other fans online!
life is korny - great korn site with guitar tablature, frequently asked questions, sound clips, bios, pics, lyrics, etc. very new, still under construction.
limp_korn's page - this site has a bio,discography,lyrics,and links. also come in and apply for my award.please click on the banner upon entry.
mark'skornsite - i will help find anything you are looking for about your favorite band!!
martin's korn page!! - it's a cool korn page..
mikes news page and mp3 page - my site is the #1 place to find everything on your fav bands.. i have mp3's , bootlegs , up to date news , tours , contests , merchandise right from tours, pics, chat rooms and message boards. so if you like korn , deftones , limp bizkit , coal chamber , pantera , and all death metal you must come...
music page - artist - korn - listen to korn full length songs free! (real audio)
musicfile: a link to hard-to-find korn recordings and memorabilia - musicfile.com is the world's largest marketplace and community for rare music and music memorabilia. you'll find millions of items for sale by thousands of retailers, dealers and collectors around the world. come check out our korn listings.
my gift to you - come help us find and surface korn bootlegs from the most current tours! we need your help!
my gift to you. unofficial korn - one of the largest korn sites on the net with bio's, downloads, audio, movies, tabs, full discography, official news and much much more!..
my korn page - it's a kick @$$ site! it has audio, video and a vigorous picture gallery!
nathan's korn page - korn site with pics and will soon have real audio, wavs, midis, and mp3s for download.
newman's korn site - the site has over 100 real audio, 100 real video, all the songs lyrics, wavs, bios, discography, tons of pics, mp3's, tabs, midis and much more
no place to hide... - one of the best and most informative korn sites on the net! tons of rare korn audio!
no place to run - a phat korn site with tons of pics, links, animated gifs, logos, a complete bio, bandmember bios, and soon-to-be audio/banner/video pages. don't miss out on this site!
nyc kampaign photos - i've got kampaign photos from the bus and press konference in nyc and a link to find some awesome korn imports.
ode to korn - lots of crazy stuff on korn and their new album, and a bulletin board will soon make its grand entrance!
one good site to hear! monkeynut! - come check out this cool site. you must hear it to believe it!
phat korn, deftones, limp bizkit, site - 1 phat korn, deftones, limp bizkit site. with audi0, vide0, pics, lyrics, history, member bios, tabs and more!
phat bastards korn site - newly upgraded korn site with limp b, coal chamber and deftones too! all sorts of audio and video clips, pics, tour dates, bios, links and more
porno creeps' korn page - over 200 pictures, news/updates....and lots more. updated constantly!
pryderi's primordial korn page - an awesome site with everything you want about korn! lyrics, links, pictures, music, guitar lessons, song meanings, tour dates, news, and much much more.
q:where do i find korn? a:loudside - korn site at loudside of the web. featuring tons of rare audio clips and pics .sexart, lapd,limp bizkit, juice and more.
rapcore links page - a site with lots of links to bands like korn, deftones, limp bizkit, coal chamber, hwp, and many others.
ridge's kickin' korn site - reviews on the family values tour & pics from the concert!
robos - korn - there is over 70 pics of korn, real audio and video, midis, mp3s, wav files, heards of sound files, downloads movies, all the songwords, even get your own email adress
ryan's korn, limp bizkit, and deftones page - korn pics, lyrics, bios, tabs, sounds, etc.
s t u c k s e e d - a korn and limp bizkit page
scott'z pimp rock page: korn - my site's got a lot of korn pics and a few videos. it also has a link to my main page with all of your favorite pimp rock bands. my page is an official member of the pimp rock family web ring!
sk8 dog's korn domain version 2.0 - lyrics, pics, info, it's all here.
skankfish land - well, this is my homepage. check it out.
something takes a part of me... - so its korn you're after huh? well here's a tasty serving of the latest news, lyrics, tabs, audio etc. updated often and open 24 hrs!
sowing the beats - there is uv cool korn stuff here at sowing the beats. home of the original all in the family: a korn ring and "out of my mind" : a fictional story on jonathan davis with volume installments. don't forget the links, song of the week, pictures, band member bios, information on sex art, and much much more!! sowing the beats is updated at least weekly. so come on step inside.
spooky core - a site with all the latest news, pictures, music, tour dates, nice graphics.
sympathetic korn site - just recently given a slightly new look, on dec. 18, 1998. still goin' good since nov. 3rd. i'll try to get midis up soon...
the korn korner - pics, bios, news, links, lyrics, merchandise and more...
the korn list - the korn list is a new type of korn site, with 100+ korn sites, korn webrings, korn mailing lists and much more!! visit, or add your site, today!!!
the korn network - mailbag, features, tour, news, lyrics, audio, rare video footage and a whole heap of other stuff. this site needs to be seen to be believed
the korn vs hole battle - this site is updated everyday. it has up to date info and lots of things that any fan of korn or hole could ask. check it out. i promise you wont regret it.
the kreme korn page - this site contains everything about korn! it is better than the official site! it contains, pics, lyrics, sounds, bio, chatroom, downloads, screensavers, movies, tour dates, email, guestbooks, counters, java and much much more!
the real korn 4 life - korn 4 life has everything.updated almost everyday and has lyrics, audio, pics, tattoos, magazine covers, and youll have to come in to find out the rest and you will not be dissappointed. remember korn 4 life!!!!
this page is wickid - visit it!
this town - new korn site with tons of kewl stuff about korn. lyrics, over 200 pics, full history, each member's bio, lyrics, up to date news and more...
todds korn page - korn: pics, downloads, links, full music video downloads, the korn freaks 2000 webring and more!!!
tribut to korn - best korn page on the net, it has lyrics bios tons of pix lots of new audio and video...
twist: a korn page - this site is really cool.i have biographies of every member and the history of the band. i also have links to other great korn sites and other cool sites. the best part is the huge pictures section which is updated every week. so go and check it out now.
unofficial korn homepage - korn. pictures. videos. sounds. lyrics. links. fueled by ignorance.
welcome 2 korn central - welcome 2 korn central, please make your destination below. otherwise listen 2 wut i have got 2 say about my web site: "kick-ass korn web site. the very best on the net. a must see!!".
welcome to a fellow phukkers page! - my site doesnt has some pix and im adding lyrics and i also have linx to someothe rband pages. its still underway so please give me time.
welcome to josh's korn page!! - i have been a korn fan for awhile now and to be bluntly honest about it... they kick all ass! so i thought it was high time i put together a page for my favorite band.
welcome to korntastic - i've a bunch of cool pics of da band plus the latest in korn newz including info on the new cd.

wicked: a korn website - a kool korn site with audios, videos, pictures, links, lyrics, song meanings, downloads, korn gear, korn wear, reviews, multiple bio's, tour info, guitar, bass, drums tabs, chords for guitar, and more!
zorgs korn homepage - a really cool korn site.
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