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jon says, "chi is about a lot of alcohol and drug abuse; people turn to that when they have problems so that they won't have to feel their pain." the song is actually named after chi cheng from the deftones. jon says, "we named it after him because he used to call it reggae, and he loves reggae music."

"swallow is about how i got fucked up when i did speed and got so paranoid that i'd see people staring in my window."

"it's the sterotypical thing about your best friend meeting a chick, and then you're nothing."

good god
"it's about a guy i knew in school who i thought was my friend, but who fucked me. he came into my life with nothing, hung out at my house, lived off me, and made me do shit i didn't really wanna do. i was into new romantic music and he was a mod, and he'd tell me if i didn't dress like a mod he wouldn't be my friend anymore. whenever i had plans to go on a date with a chick he'd sabotage it, because he didn't have a date or nothing. he was a gutless fucking nothing. i haven't talked to him for years."
"'good god' is about a friend who took advantage of me all my life, made me do things i didn't want to do, and threatened me with his friendship. i basically ended up taking care of this kid forever, and he ended up fucking me over really bad. this is about that, then him coming back and trying to be my friend. he was a really controlling person and would put our friendship on the line if i wouldn't do things that he wanted to do. that kind of shit."
"'good god,' that's about one of my best friends taking advantage of me and just totally ruining my life when i was little. i only had a couple of friends when i was really young and he was my best friend. he wouldn't hang out with me if i wasn't like him—you know, that stupid little boy bullshit...i guess my whole life was fucked, called a faggot all my life and stuff, i wrote that about him."

no place to hide
"no place to hide" deals with jonathan's anxiety about korn's success.

mr. rogers
"'mr. rogers' was done when i was really fucked up on speed, and you know, i don't know if you know what speeds like, but you get in really crazy moods and your brain doesn't think right. i was totally obsessed with mr. rogers, and i had all kinds of videotapes and i watched them, and i was thinking about how little kids watch them. the shit that he teaches them, if you look into it deep enough, it's kind of really perverted and bad like mr. mcfeely, and it really scared the shit out of me. i just talked about how evil and demented this guy is. now that i've sobered up, it's kind of stupid, but i can still get really deep and see how perverted it is. it's not a total childrens show."
"i fucking hate mr. rogers! when i was a little kid, mr. rogers is all 'you've got to be nice and be honest and be a good person.' being that way as a kid, i got fucking picked on and i was a nerd. i never got anywhere. i always got shit on! so fuck you!"
"wrote that about how i use to watch that filthy old man on tv, and he always told me to be polite, the things they tell you to do on tv, and all it did was get me picked on for being that way. it made me a good person, it was a contributing factor, but i fucking hate that man. thanks, man, for making me polite and easy to take advantage of, and trusting everybody."

"people think it's sexist, and it isn't. it's more me subconsciously bitching at all the women who've hurt me in my life. it's not about women in general, just those women who've hurt me. initially, we wrote it to send out to american radio for a joke, because they always chop up all the other songs. so we were going to send this out as the first single to get people talking, and then follow up with a 'real' single seven days later."
"people are like saying i'm a women-hater and shit, but i'm not. sure there are some women i hate, but there are also some men i hate. and that's what that song is about. i don't hate women."

"it stands for 'all day i dream about sex'. it's about how much of a pervert my ass is, and how i daydream about what a stud i am. but when it comes down to it, i'm a fuckin' pussy and i'm in there jacking off."

ass itch
"that was the last song i wrote, and i was so burned at writing out lyrics because everytime i write i get depressed because i start thinking about things, you know? so the whole song is about that. in the chorus it says, 'before day, my sun will be dying'. it's because i put myself on the line all the time and for what? because people aren't going to be listening to it anyway."

kill you
"it's about a relative i first met when i was 12. i fucking hate that bitch. she's the most evil, fucked-up person i've ever met in my whole life. she hated my guts. she did everything she could to make my life hell. like, when i was sick she'd feed me tea with tabasco, which is really hot pepper oil. she'd make me drink it by saying, 'you have to burn that cold out, boy.' fucked-up shit like that. so every night when i'd go to sleep, i'd dream of killing that bitch. in some sick way i had a sexual fantasy about her, and i don't know what that stems from or why. but i always dreamt about fucking her and killing her."
"'kill you' is about my stepmom, well actually my ex-stepmom, and how i fantasized about killing her all the time when i was little because she was such a bitch."

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